Ghost Shark Movie Review

You know…this will probably sound kinda weird…if the acting was really good and the CGI was well done…this movie would actually be a decent 2 star flick…maybe even 3 stars!  I was actually surprised by this film in the sense that, yes it remains crap on so many levels…and yet it had a strong concept, a decently written story and clearly a film that could … Continue reading Ghost Shark Movie Review

Poseidon Rex (2013) Movie Review

  Have you ever heard someone say that a film or show is “so bad it’s good”?  Well, the Syfy channel decided to take that term and turn it (literally) into a commercial genre.  The name of this genre?  “Terribly Good”, a collection of films that focus on giant monsters, natural disasters and illogical homes to these creatures teaming up to kill humans.  I decided … Continue reading Poseidon Rex (2013) Movie Review