Super Cub Ep 6

Right…Spoilers ahead! Let us begin. So we start the episode during what looks like the start of the next term. When we left off the previous episode, Koguma says that she plans to get her motorcycle license. Well, during the week since then, she has done that, and Shiro even upgraded her Cub to accommodate the new freedoms she has. This includes getting the speed … Continue reading Super Cub Ep 6

Super Cub Ep 3

Alright, you know the drill – There will be spoilers to this episode and possibly some episodes that came before it. Let’s go. So this week’s episode is called “Things Received”. We begin with Koguma leaving to go to school, with the ‘Cub now being an intricate part of her life. It’s only been a few days, but she is adjusting gradually from nothingness to … Continue reading Super Cub Ep 3

Laid Back Camp S2 E5

We’re nearing the halfway mark of this season, and much has happened up to this point. If you haven’t seen the previous four episodes before watching this episode, I say watch them first then watch this one and then come back. Because there are spoilers ahead. Let’s get started. So to quote Chiaki for this week; “Nothing beats camping while other people are working…”. We … Continue reading Laid Back Camp S2 E5