Sharknado 2: The Second 1 Movie Review

Sharknado 1, in its own bizarre and funny way, was a film worth watching, even if it’s a bit of the crap side of filmmaking.  It was silly, stupid and over-the-top.  Sharknado 2, however, takes “Jumping the Shark” (pun intended) and turned it into “Jumping the Ocean”.  The volume is turned up to 11, and it features not only 10 of the funniest and most … Continue reading Sharknado 2: The Second 1 Movie Review

Ghost Shark Movie Review

You know…this will probably sound kinda weird…if the acting was really good and the CGI was well done…this movie would actually be a decent 2 star flick…maybe even 3 stars!  I was actually surprised by this film in the sense that, yes it remains crap on so many levels…and yet it had a strong concept, a decently written story and clearly a film that could … Continue reading Ghost Shark Movie Review