Homicide (1991)

I’ve decided to use the month of November to do a series of reviews that revolve around Film Noir in any shape or form (known as Noirvember). The rule is that it has, at minimum, a few noir elements or influences, and at most we are watching the full blown chain-smoking-bogart experience. Today we’ll beContinue reading “Homicide (1991)”

In The Heat Of The Night (1967) Movie Review

To say the least, this is quite a memorable 1, as I’m sure some of you have heard the famous line “They call me Mr Tibbs!” – well, that’s this film, and now we’re going to talk about it. Based on the book by John Ball and set in present day (1967) Mississippi, USA (inContinue reading “In The Heat Of The Night (1967) Movie Review”

The Guard (2011) Movie Review

In America, when it comes to dark comedies full of quirky, well-developed characters, a common duo that comes to mind would be the Coen Brothers.  Lately in ireland, the 1s who come to mind for that genre have been the McDonagh brothers, Martin and John-Michael – and over the last 6 years, their work hasContinue reading “The Guard (2011) Movie Review”