The Intouchables (2011)

I was originally going to write about a different film tonight. However after much thought I decided to write about a film that I had not seen before (and could be gone from Amazon Prime before I got the chance to check it out). Another reason is because the originally intended film might be more suitable for a different list. One that involves chase scenes … Continue reading The Intouchables (2011)

Night On Earth (1991)

As a Tom Waits fan and someone who liked Jim Jarmusch’s enjoyable avant garde western known as Dead Man (starring Johnny Depp), finding something like this film just feels like it’s up my street.  A few simple set-ups where the story is more or less the same, and yet it’s not.  Because characters, dialogue, music and settings are what make everything different every time.  A … Continue reading Night On Earth (1991)

Rain (2013) Video Game Review

My experience with late arrivals in gaming generations has been surprisingly positive, from Final Fantasy IX coming out on the PS1 in europe shortly after the release of the PS2.  To Yakuza 2 and Persona 4 as PS2 games that came out within a year of the PS3’s release, and all 3, but particularly the later 2 ended up being among my favourite instalments to … Continue reading Rain (2013) Video Game Review

The Tenant (1976) Movie Review

Aww boy, this is a real patch of thin ice.  Especially when you consider the times in which it happened and the slightly more recent events.  About 8 weeks from the time I write this review, Charles Manson, the cult leader and mastermind of the Manson Family murders (which led to the murder of director Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, and their unborn child) had … Continue reading The Tenant (1976) Movie Review

The Past (2013) Movie Review

Ever want to see what happens when a soap opera is written and acted incredibly well and squeezed into 2 hours rather than 50 years?  Well, you’re in luck, because a little French-Italian-Iranian film called The Past (or Le Passé) has pulled it off Set in Paris, our film focuses on 2 families, and all of them centre around the actions of a french woman named … Continue reading The Past (2013) Movie Review

A Monster In Paris (2011) Movie Review

Before we begin, I was scheduling to release this review in the middle of November, but due to the terrible news that was taking place in Paris at the time (and due to the name of this film in general), I felt it would be tasteless to go ahead with this.  And even now I’m still asking myself if it’s “too soon”. I became intrigued … Continue reading A Monster In Paris (2011) Movie Review

Contrast (2013) Video Game Review

As someone who has/had a Playstation Plus membership, I was able to get 70% off this game, and I remember it catching my eye, so here’s a review on it. How to describe Contrast…consider it like a maths equation (once again)…Aspects of Bioshock Infinite (floating world and surprisingly similar character models/designs/choices)…plus Owen Wilson in Midnight In Paris’ favourite era, 1920s Paris…plus a slight Tim Burtoneque … Continue reading Contrast (2013) Video Game Review