Perfect Blue (1997)

Oh boy, we’re continuing Noirvember with something very special…to me at least…Because I still remember that day back in, I’d say sometime in 2005. I walked into Cash Converters, scanned through the DVDs, and here it was. I knew nothing about this film at the time, other than it looked like everything you would expectContinue reading “Perfect Blue (1997)”

Ju-On: The Curse (2000) Movie Review

As someone who enjoyed The Grudge and recently watched the Netflix show Ju-On Origins (Perhaps more on that later);  I felt that it would be a good idea to watch the first 2 movies, as well as 2 short films that were produced a few years before it.  What do I mean?  Well, The GrudgeContinue reading “Ju-On: The Curse (2000) Movie Review”

Big Hero 6 (2014) Movie Review

As some of you out there know, Marvel is owned by Disney, and Disney is owned by Japan, so what better way to express this information to the world by creating an animated film that lets us know about it (rather subtly)? Big Hero 6 is a superhero film featuring characters from a Comic bookContinue reading “Big Hero 6 (2014) Movie Review”

Persona 4 Golden Video Game Review

Persona 4 is a very interesting game.  Originally out on the Playstation 2 in Japan in 2008 and everywhere else in 2009, it was surprising because (obviously) by this stage it would seem like everybody had moved onto the next generation (PS3 & 360).  This game came out during a time when new games onContinue reading “Persona 4 Golden Video Game Review”

A Tribute To Mitsuharu Misawa

5 years ago today, a great shockwave came out of Japan.  It wasn’t an earthquake or a typhoon, but rather it was the sound of wrestling fans finding out that at 46 years old, Japanese Wrestling Legend Mitsuharu Misawa had tragically died. I remember being loosely introduced to Mitsuharu Misawa through early WWE Smackdown gamesContinue reading “A Tribute To Mitsuharu Misawa”

The Wind Rises Movie Review

My love affair with Studio Ghibli films began around Christmas 2007, when a friend gave me 2 DVDs.  One of them was a Japanese comedy bloodbath known as Versus, the other was Princess Mononoke.  After Christmas, HMV was having their January sale.  Every Studio Ghibli movie was being sold for £5 that month.  So whatContinue reading “The Wind Rises Movie Review”