Homicide (1991)

I’ve decided to use the month of November to do a series of reviews that revolve around Film Noir in any shape or form (known as Noirvember). The rule is that it has, at minimum, a few noir elements or influences, and at most we are watching the full blown chain-smoking-bogart experience. Today we’ll beContinue reading “Homicide (1991)”

Rififi (1955) Movie Review

Up until the time when I found this film on Netflix, I never heard of it, and now that I’ve seen it, there is a lot to say. Before we begin, what is “Rififi”?  It sounds like the name of a Poodle, I know.  But it’s actually a french word that means “Brawling” or “Fisticuffs”…notContinue reading “Rififi (1955) Movie Review”