Knives Out (2019)

Whodunits; the foundation (and go-to staple) of detective fiction fantasy. Set in manors or mansions or luxurious trains, a detective arrives to a murder and tries to find the culprit from within a small group of people. Red Herrings, revisions of clues, new perceptions, motives and a potentially guilty butler. It is a genre thatContinue reading “Knives Out (2019)”

Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) Movie Review

Well here it is, the sequel with an anticipation of legendary proportions to the Superhero movie masterpiece known as The Avengers, and if you’re British, (sort of known) as Avengers Assemble (The Avengers, commercially, was already taken here, but nobody really calls this Avengers Assemble).  How long was the wait?  Roughly 1093 days (*creates anotherContinue reading “Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) Movie Review”