Perfect Blue (1997)

Oh boy, we’re continuing Noirvember with something very special…to me at least…Because I still remember that day back in, I’d say sometime in 2005. I walked into Cash Converters, scanned through the DVDs, and here it was. I knew nothing about this film at the time, other than it looked like everything you would expectContinue reading “Perfect Blue (1997)”

Coffee Talk (2020)

I will say 1 thing about this game…It came out in January this year and is set in this Autumn coming…and even though it’s technically set in an alternate reality, I doubt the creators knew that 2020 would turn out the way it did.  Making it even more of a fantasy that they possibly anticipated.Continue reading “Coffee Talk (2020)”

Persona Trinity Soul (2008) Anime Review

I had known about this program for well over a decade, but didn’t get to watch it until recently – and even now it’s a hard 1 to find.  It received a limited release in the west, and at this point we can argue that this is a show lost in the shuffles of time,Continue reading “Persona Trinity Soul (2008) Anime Review”

Roujin Z (1991) Anime Review

I was first introduced to this film through, believe it or not, a Vaporwave song called PARIS by RITCHRD, which used clips from it in the youtube video by yotsu to add to its already nostalgic aesthetic and tone (It’s all watched without a context, so potential spoilers aren’t really spoilers).  When I realised someContinue reading “Roujin Z (1991) Anime Review”

Black Lagoon (2006-2010) Anime Review

If this wasn’t already a manga by Rei Hiroe, I would say that the writer’s room had some very interesting days when creating this show.  Primarily when you consider that this perhaps has.  Well.  Everything.  Or at least everything that could be humanly possible…minus how skilled people can be at dodging death…and maybe the Vampires…andContinue reading “Black Lagoon (2006-2010) Anime Review”

Violet Evergarden (2018) Anime Review

Every so often, a show comes around on Netflix that gets added to your list, only to, from time to time, go unseen for a year or so.  This situation happens to many shows in many households, and out of those shows that could be subjected to the situation…this might be 1 of my mostContinue reading “Violet Evergarden (2018) Anime Review”

One Piece: East Blue (1999-2001) Anime Review

Right…This is going to be huge and quite long term, as I decided to start watching One Piece sometime late last year, and I’m fully aware that even if I take out the filler, I will probably not be brought up to date with the latest episodes until at least 2021, and that includes usContinue reading “One Piece: East Blue (1999-2001) Anime Review”

In/Spectre (2020) Anime Review

As someone who likes to look for hybrids of murder mysteries and a combo of Urban Legends, Folklore and the Supernatural; In/Spectre caught my attention before it was even released, and in the process I ended up watching it as a feature of my Saturday nights or Sunday Afternoons.  So lets get right to it.Continue reading “In/Spectre (2020) Anime Review”

Laid Back Camp (2018) TV Show Review

Over the last couple of years I’ve taken more and more to watching the On-Demand Channel/App known as Crunchyroll – a place where you can do 1 of 2 things; watch Japanese anime and live-action Japanese shows for free with an unholy amount of advertising disrupting the flow.  Or paying a subscription fee that takesContinue reading “Laid Back Camp (2018) TV Show Review”

Attack On Titan (2013) TV Show Review

Before ever seeing this show, I had heard of the legends – about how this is 1 of the best mangas and animes ever made.  And certainly, it’s 1 of the hottest animes to come out in the last 5 years.  Today I finished the final episode to the anime series (or Season 1, atContinue reading “Attack On Titan (2013) TV Show Review”