Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsène Lupin (2007/2010)

Right, this will be my first covering of a Sherlock Holmes story, I believe, and in all likeliness it’s the first one by Frogwares that I’ve covered. Is there anything special to say about Frogwares? Yes – despite being a smaller video game company with a significantly smaller budget compared to the likes of RockContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsène Lupin (2007/2010)”

Serena Video Game Review

Since the game is short, I’ll keep this short as well.  Serena is a free game that can be downloaded from Steam, and apparently it was made by 5 different developers and was some sort of collaboration between developers and people who like point-and-click mystery adventures. So what’s it about?  It’s about a man whoContinue reading “Serena Video Game Review”