Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)

Cyberpunk is coming back.  It never really left, but its coming full circle again in the fashion timeline (which isn’t a straight line.  But more like a Spiral that keeps getting longer, hence a lot of things tend to come and go).  The difference between now and it’s golden age is that the technology isContinue reading “Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)”

Knives Out (2019)

Whodunits; the foundation (and go-to staple) of detective fiction fantasy. Set in manors or mansions or luxurious trains, a detective arrives to a murder and tries to find the culprit from within a small group of people. Red Herrings, revisions of clues, new perceptions, motives and a potentially guilty butler. It is a genre thatContinue reading “Knives Out (2019)”

Man Of Medan (2019) Video Game Review

Video Games and Movies go hand in hand.  On 1 side you have movies that are based on video games.  Many of them are terrible, but from time to time a good 1 will shine.  On the other hand, you have video games that try to capture the movie experience and turn it, effectively, intoContinue reading “Man Of Medan (2019) Video Game Review”

Cats (2019) Movie Review

I will start this review by saying, in all likeliness…you are right and I am wrong.  But at the same time, I will say that I know what I saw, even if you disagree.  To some this will be a little different, considering I’m reviewing this on the weekend in which it came out.  TheContinue reading “Cats (2019) Movie Review”

Joker (2019) Movie Review

So, before I began;  “Where have you been?”  You might ask.  The answer…Stuff came up. Changes in life.  I wanted to create more and critique less, and in the process I neglected doing these reviews for a long while.  The only movies I could have written about (other than maybe Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’tContinue reading “Joker (2019) Movie Review”