Perfect Blue (1997)

Oh boy, we’re continuing Noirvember with something very special…to me at least…Because I still remember that day back in, I’d say sometime in 2005. I walked into Cash Converters, scanned through the DVDs, and here it was. I knew nothing about this film at the time, other than it looked like everything you would expectContinue reading “Perfect Blue (1997)”

Ring (1998)

Ever since I started writing on this website, this film was going to eventually pop up on it. And though I missed what would have been a good time to release it (mid September), anything horror related is usually a perfect choice in October anyway. We’ll add to the fact that one of the actressesContinue reading “Ring (1998)”

Grim Fandango (1998/2015) Video Game Review

Now we move onto a game with a ton of tragedy behind it…no, nobody died…okay, maybe it killed the Point-and-click adventure game for a few years, led to LucasArts, more or less disbanding with key people going on to form other companies (Double Fine Productions and Telltale Games) and this being their last project together,Continue reading “Grim Fandango (1998/2015) Video Game Review”