The S**cide Of Rachel Foster (2019)

Christmas games are few and far between. Usually the closest we get are either certain levels, such as in Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, or the Kingdom Hearts series (in particular Kingdom Hearts 2) or when December comes around on the game calendar (the Persona series). Then you have Batman Arkham Origins and most of the Yakuza series, which are all pretty much Christmas games in … Continue reading The S**cide Of Rachel Foster (2019)

Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)

Cyberpunk is coming back.  It never really left, but its coming full circle again in the fashion timeline (which isn’t a straight line.  But more like a Spiral that keeps getting longer, hence a lot of things tend to come and go).  The difference between now and it’s golden age is that the technology is a step closer, going from, as Phillip K Dick suggested, … Continue reading Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)

Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsène Lupin (2007/2010)

Right, this will be my first covering of a Sherlock Holmes story, I believe, and in all likeliness it’s the first one by Frogwares that I’ve covered. Is there anything special to say about Frogwares? Yes – despite being a smaller video game company with a significantly smaller budget compared to the likes of Rock Star, EA and Ubisoft – Frogwares manages to have a … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsène Lupin (2007/2010)

Rain (2013) Video Game Review

My experience with late arrivals in gaming generations has been surprisingly positive, from Final Fantasy IX coming out on the PS1 in europe shortly after the release of the PS2.  To Yakuza 2 and Persona 4 as PS2 games that came out within a year of the PS3’s release, and all 3, but particularly the later 2 ended up being among my favourite instalments to … Continue reading Rain (2013) Video Game Review

Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 Video Game Review (2016/2019)

I love stories.  I really do…I love beginnings, middles and ends and feel satisfied at the notion that I’ve grown to know a group of persons and see them progress in their lives…or more specifically, gotten to know a group of persons who don’t exist, but could if they’re inspired and written well enough.  With this in mind, I can tell you that during its … Continue reading Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 Video Game Review (2016/2019)

Syberia 3 (2017) Video Game Review

After 13 years of waiting, this game was finally released and much like Kingdom Hearts fans waiting for number 3, fans rejoiced.  Compared to the original 2, Syberia 3 was eager to give back to fans by not only being available on PC, X-box One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, but by also selling premium editions which included artwork, an art book, the game’s soundtrack, a … Continue reading Syberia 3 (2017) Video Game Review

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016) Video Game Review

Right, we’re now on the last game of the Nathan Drake series known as Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End.  What is entailed when it’s called a thief’s end?  So much is left up for interpretation.  But that’s for you to witness.  So here we go. Our story starts with Nathan Drake on a boat in the middle of the ocean with another man by the … Continue reading Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016) Video Game Review